welcome to neurish.

We are a network of community, tools, and resources that empower people impacted by epilepsy to live their best life.

It’s a place where you can connect with others just like you.
Where you can access all relevant epilepsy-related information in one convenient place.
And where you can find a specialist that’s right for you.
Your voice can heal.
Yourself and others. Share it.
Unlock connections that will help you thrive. Join our community and meet fellow parents, caregivers, mentors, and people with epilepsy from all over the world and right next door. You would be amazed at the power of sharing your experiences.

Find the facts.

The Internet can offer an endless amount of information for individuals with epilepsy seeking to learn about their condition. It can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve simplified the process and curated all relevant epilepsy-related research into one place.


Get quality care.

We know accessing the right medical professional is one of the most important steps in your journey. That’s why we’ve compiled a free database of specialists from around the country.

Community based learning is at our core.

We follow a learnings-based approach, one that’s rooted in science and holistic in perspective for how those affected by epilepsy can thrive.

Check back for more developments to come.

We are cultivating a network of support.

Just as we provide community for those with epilepsy, we strive to foster a community of partners that support our mission: to empower people impacted by epilepsy with the support system they need to live their best life.